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CDMA Terminal can Fax
GSM Terminal can Fax
FWP CDMA Huawei Ets 1201, FWT CDMA Fax Huawei Ets 1201, Terminal CDMA Fax Huawei Ets 1201, FWT Fax Huawei Ets 1201, CDMA Terminal Fax Huawei Ets 1201...
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Huawei Ets 1201, FWT CDMA Fax Huawei Ets 1201, Terminal CDMA Fax Huawei Ets 1201, FWT Fax Huawei Ets 1201, CDMA Terminal Fax Huawei Ets 1201
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Huawei Ets 1201

Hp Satelite
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Huawei Ets 1201
Terminal CDMA Fax Huawei Ets 1201
Fwt CDMA Fax Huawei Ets 1201
External Antenna
Outdor GSM 3G
Outdor CDMA

Fwt Huawei Ets 1201
Made in China
Ruim Card Type

Equipped with:
switching on or off

Capacity 2 Port Rg 11
Sound quality is very jenih almost like a phone cable

Can be linked with a PABX and various types of telecommunication equipment both PDPT and Card and support for various brands of outstanding dipasaran.Trigger Voice Detect, signal 16kc, Polarity Reversal, non 16kc/425Hz.

Battery led indicator as battery charge and stand by. Green Battre full capacity, orange are mencash. Also equipped with a LED indicator with 4 LED signal to indicate the arrest signal.

Equipped with a powerful backup battery standby of up to 2 hours to make your communication more convenient if the electricity suddenly dead so you do not disrupted communications.

DTMFnya is perfect so you can access the menu using the BCA that an automated answering machine by entering a few digits of your account number
Suitable for operators Flexi, Esia, StarOne, Mobile-8 and others.

"Want to send and receive faxes via cdma! Use fwt cdma huawei ets 1201 fax ruim!
You can send and receive faxes like fixed line telecoms cable card cdma cdma like flexi - StarOne, etc.. You can use a prepaid card (refill) or postpaid (subscription).
Use special cdma fix wireless terminal that could be parallelized to a fax machine, pabx & fix phone. "

It has a fax function via the cdma telephone like cable (fixed line). Support 99% fax machines. Fax terminal cdma huawei ets 1201 has fax functionality and a parallel / pabx.

Can send and receive faxes and can be parallelized to a regular phone / hand set or a regular landline phone connected to a pabx.

It has a fax function uses the CDMA phone like cable (fixed line). Support 99% fax machines.
Fax terminal cdma huawei ets 1201 has fax functionality and a parallel / pabx.
Can send and receive faxes and can be parallelized to a regular phone / hand set or aregular landline phone connected to a pabx. One year warranty !!!
Serving Send / between inner and outer city.

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